How to Get Rid of Dandruff Guide & Product Reviews

dandruff-imageDandruff is something that many people have the unfortunate possibility of having to deal with at some point in their lives. There are many different reasons why people may get it, and if you are one of the millions of people that want to know how exactly to get rid of it for good then you are in the right place! There are many products and remedies out there that claim to relieve dandruff, but you may find that these products don’t work at all, or only work for a limited period of time until they eventually stop working. This is because you may not be using a product that is appropriate for your hair type, which can lead to causing more damage and not to mention a huge waste of time and money. To find out how to deal with this annoyance, you must first understand:


What exactly is dandruff?


Simply put, dandruff is a condition that results in the shedding of dead skin cells of the scalp. It is a perfectly normal occurrence, but with that being said it can be very uncomfortably itchy and frankly embarrassing. If you notice small whitish flakes on your hair then this is what I am referring to. This can happen naturally or as the result of using certain hair care products that are not suitable for your hair. Cases of dandruff can range from a mild infrequent case to severe and chronic. To help you understand how it can occur, please consider:

What causes dandruff?


Dandruff can be caused by one or several reasons including:


Dry skin. If you are prone to having dry skin whether seasonally or frequently, then chances are you will get dandruff at some point.

Not shampooing often enough. If the hair and scalp do not get proper cleaning and stimulation, then a buildup of dead skin cells will occur.

Sensitivity to certain hair products. Hair care products with harsh chemicals can be damaging to the hair and cause it to become dry, frizzy, and unhealthy looking.

Hair sensitivity to heat. As with chemicals in hair products, heat can be very bad for your hair especially if it is often and at a very high temperature.

Not brushing often enough. Brushing the hair helps to stimulate the scalp and remove it of flakes in order to maintain a clean and healthy scalp.

A skin condition such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. Many skin conditions lead to other symptoms of dandruff such as dryness and irritation of the scalp.

Improper diet. It is very important that you get the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in order to maintain a healthy body, skin and hair.


How to prevent and get rid of dandruff


Avoid using hair products with harsh chemicals including sulfates, alcohol, chemical fragrances, formaldehyde and propylene glycol. These components found in many shampoos, conditioners and other hair products can cause the hair to become dry, damaged and leave the scalp irritated. It is best to look for hair products that contain natural oils and cleansers in order to maintain healthy, shiny and flake free hair.

Find a brush that is suitable for your hair. Boar bristle brushes are excellent for people with dandruff because they naturally condition the hair by distributing the natural oils in the hair throughout. They also stimulate the scalp and actually help with reducing frizz and limiting the need for unnecessary hair products that can further damage the hair and scalp.

Use conditioning treatments as often as your hair type requires. Conditioning treatments are great to use on a regular basis because they will give your hair a quick pick me up when it is lacking in proper hydration which will help to reduce the appearance of flakes. If you have very dry and flaky hair then these treatments are usually best to be used on a weekly basis whereas someone with normal hair will only need to use such a treatment monthly.

Take daily vitamins that improve hair health such as vitamin a, b vitamins, vitamin c, and zinc. If your diet is lacking in any of these vitamins, supplements are an inexpensive and effective way to include them and the improvement of hair health is only one of the benefits that you will see by doing so. Many multivitamins include all of these and will give your body some more of the nutrients that it needs to maintain good health and wellness.

If you are wondering where to start when looking for the best products for treating dandruff, check out our product reviews and read what we have to say about some of the best products on the market today. We include only the most effective and high quality hair care products so that you don’t have to waste your time and money looking for products that will give you little or no results. We know exactly what it is like to have to deal with dandruff and are here to help!